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RMR6 Rigid RotatorRigid rotators are generally bolted to a flat plate coupler, allowing the grapple/rotator system to be positioned horizontally the same way an excavator positions a bucket.  They are designed for demolition, construction, landscaping, or any other application where the grab may need to be accomplished from the side, reaching out horizontally from the boom.

Gerator design VALBY® rigid rotators are designed using the "Gerotor" principle: a central rotor (gear) with X teeth is placed off-center inside an outer rotor (gear) with X+1 teeth.  As fluid is passed through the chamber, the inner rotor revolves inside the outer, providing the rotational force.  The Gerotor design is more rugged than the Vane design used for hanging rotators, allowing the rigid rotator to handle higher loads, including horizontal loads that create high levels of side stress perpendicular to the body of the grapple.

The key factor determining the correct combination of grapple and rotator for your application is the operating weight range of the base machine. For help determining the right rotator for your application, call us at


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Model Rotation EXCAVATOR
Max Oper Wt**
Max Oper Wt
Max Load
Max Pressure
RMR3 Unlimited 7,700 22,000 11,000 4,641 958 66.0
RMR6 L* Unlimited 11,000 30,800 22,000 4,641 1,475 66.0
RMR6 Unlimited 13,200 30,800 15,400 4,641 1,918 99.0
RMR6-224* Unlimited 15,400 32,500 35,200 4,641 2,065 134.2
RMR8* Unlimited 17,600 44,000 39,600 4,641 2,655 149.6
RMR12* Unlimited 26,400 55,000 61,600 4,641 3,098 193.6
RMR16C* Unlimited 39,600 83,600 83,600 4,641 3,098 297.0
RMR200* Unlimited 48,400 99,000 110,000 4,641 3,098 332.2

*Available by Special Order only

**When used with a Sorting/Waste Grapple, the maximum excavator operating weight would be 85% of this value.

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